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Some may say it results in the ruination of natural talent and the bypassing of natural selection. In the vast majority of cases though, it simply allows the Producer or Engineer to fix the odd tuning issue. When so many of our instruments are digitally tuned and precisely recorded a wayward voice can seem a bit too distracting in an otherwise perfect mix.

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The reality is tuning vocals in post-production has become a normal and accepted process. Auto-Tuning is a helpful tool, a creative process and usually makes us sound great! Here are our tips on the best autotune software for dealing with your vocal mishaps. Our Picks Antares Auto-Tune. Street Prices: Well, of course, this has to be the first thing to talk about. It operates as a plug-in inserted upon a vocal track and processes the audio directly on playback.

The focus is very much on vocals and the development into the Pro version has brought with it many tools and enhancements to ensure the result is as human and natural as possible. Its strength is in its Auto Mode, where you simply set some parameters, key, and tolerance and let Auto-Tune work its magic. When it brings things together for you in a mix, magic is exactly what it feels like. It does have a graphical mode which allows for direct editing upon each note in a vocal line. One of the new Pro features is it supports the ARA Audio Random Access protocol which allows for greater integration and exchange of information between the track and the plug-in.

This means you can apply edits to sections of a track without having to run the whole thing through the plug-in. Auto-Tune is not solely about pitch.

Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS

These ensure the changes to the pitch remain completely believable and tweakable. You can vary the length of the throat to alter the timbre of the sound. Then a Humanize function will bring about a more natural and transparent correction of sustained notes. In Low Latency Mode, Auto-Tune becomes your perfect live performance companion, either on stage or in the studio.

Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS

It keeps you in tune without any processing lag or delay. Of course, all these things are aimed at correcting and perfecting vocals. The other side is Auto-Tune is happy to be pushed into wide extremes of quantizing, vocal mangling, and retuning. Auto-Tune is undoubtedly the king of hands-off vocal correction and comes in three versions. EFX has most of the stuff you need for keeping your vocals in check. Link to Website: Melodyne comes at pitch correction in a completely different way. It has the ability to somehow work with a sense of musical and emotional intelligence.

The algorithms Celemony have developed grasp the feel of the music to enable it to achieve quite extraordinary acoustic faithfulness. And this is not necessarily all about the vocals, it can just as well be about solo instruments and polyphonic instruments, too.

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You give it a piece of audio and it graphically pulls notes out into an editor for manipulation. With Melodyne, you can now edit a single note in a strummed chord. Melodyne recognizes digital audio as music as opposed to simply data to process. So, when you edit notes the character is retained, the emotional elements are dealt with sympathetically and then the musicality becomes part of the process. You can move and tweak notes for sure, but then you can add vibrancy, increase expression, deepen the emotion, widen the dynamics and alter the structure.

Melodyne speaks the language of music. The graphical interface appears at first glance to be a bit dated. But these blobs of data with pitch lines give you all the information you need about the character of that note. These are not waveforms; these are notes. Overtones can be accessed alongside giving you full control over the tone and feel of the sound.

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Make them sound as perfect as possible by putting them through this particular treatment. The program in question proffers automatic and graphical pitch correction along with throat modeling, formant correction, and real-time pitch shifting. On the other hand, the graphical mode has the ability to display the detected pitch and even gives you the power to choose the desired pitch by using a plethora of graphics tools. Some of the other features that are also embedded here include a redesigned user interface, enhanced core technology and reorganized common controls.

As the brains behind this endeavor reveals, it comes complete with automatic or manual correction of intonation and timing errors.

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A few other attributes read as time stretching, pitch shifting, in-depth editing of note timings, creation and editing of scales, MIDI file export and re- quantization. However, you now want to alter some of your notes so that your entire masterpiece is pitch-perfect, minus the presence of any false notes. It forays onto the scene packed to the hilt with features such as formant correction, full ReWire support and a large buffet of pitch shaping tools.

With this one by your side, you can make all your tweaks within the DAW environment itself instead of working offline or exporting particular sections. Also thrown into the amalgamation is a pitch edit graph that includes waveform overview, piano roll, timeline and pitch editor.

The useful program features proprietary spectral analysis as well as synthesis techniques. This means you can expect the real-time vocal processing plug-in to sparkle with loads of interesting options that will help you sound like a diva or maybe even T-Pain. Ideal for employing in the studio, the gem includes preset selection, chord scheme navigation, and chord recognition.