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      Kenh bong da tv. Missile Base in Nicaragua. Miller also lectured a distraught Paz in not picking up a gun unless she planned to use it. Miller discovered that Coldman activated Peace Walker after hearing the pinging sound from Coldman's activating its nuclear briefcase , and not only was it going to be launched at Cuba as Zadornov had changed the target earlier , but it would also transmit false missile trajectories to third parties all over the world, including NORAD and the Pentagon.

      He alerted Big Boss and Strangelove who at the time were headed over to Peace Walker to uncover any answers regarding The Boss about what happened, with Coldman dying before he could give the abort code a factor Coldman had taken into account , forcing Big Boss and Strangelove to destroy the Peace Walker unit.

      He also arranged for Peace Walker's nuclear warhead to be fished out of Lake Nicaragua, both to avoid causing another conflict for the natives, and to provide MSF with a possible nuclear deterrent. However, when Miller attempted to shield Paz from the crude atmosphere of one of the MSF's monthly birthday parties, he failed after becoming drunk himself and began mooning everybody, saying that they should see "the real Kazuhira Miller.

      Upon learning about Big Boss's former ties to EVA, he speculated that the two had been lovers, and warned that his commander not get "distracted" by her at the expense of MSF. With Zadornov in MSF custody, Miller considered recruiting him into the group in order to boost the other Russian members' morale. However, Zadornov's numerous escape attempts from Mother Base forced him to change his mind against it. At some point during the Peace Walker Incident, with the development of Mother Base, Miller had created a sauna on the base, to boost the morale of the Finnish personnel as well as it being viewed as economical.

      However, he let his womanizing side get the better of him, with him committing "soap play" with one of the female MSF soldiers, Swan , causing her boyfriend Armadillo to faint in shock at Miller and Swan doing this, resulting in Armadillo being sent to the infirmary for a month. Big Boss eventually deduced what happened after interviewing Gazelle , who was a witness to Swan and Miller's actions and being one of the women Miller slept with.

      Kazuhira Miller

      In addition, Miller had scratches on his body which implied that Swan scratched him while having sex. Big Boss then reprimanded Miller for his recent behavior due to it setting a very bad example for the personnel, resulting in an argument that escalated into a full-on brawl in the area, which several MSF personnel, including Paz, witnessing it.

      As a result of Miller's actions, he was sentenced to cleaning up the sauna for a whole year, apologizing to all involved in his womanizing, and being warned to be more careful about his womanizing nature. After Zadornov escaped captivity for the seventh and last time, Big Boss warned Miller that he must have had "an accomplice" given his final words. Miller then noticed that ZEKE had begun to move on its own, implying that someone had hijacked it, and noticed that Paz was acting strangely.

      Paz then revealed that she was really Pacifica Ocean, a Cipher agent. It later revealed that Miller had secretly been acting as a business partner to Cipher Zero with the two mutually acting under the common interest of Big Boss rejoining Cipher whilst expanding MSF.

      Big Boss revealed that he had taken the photo and given it to Chico, which he had then sold to a magazine. Speculating that the CIA was involved in recent incidents of cattle mutilations and abductions across the Americas, Miller expressed concern at Gairy's attempt to have the UN investigate the "UFO problem," believing that he may be "digging too deep" and would get himself into trouble.

      Mac Miller - Soulmate (Audio)

      When Snake and the other MSF soldiers were coming back from a mission, Miller initially intended to have a chopper pick both Snake and the other MSF soldiers, although Big Boss, largely due to being tired and the soldiers insisting, had Miller send another chopper to get him back while he himself stayed behind, with Miller largely understanding the situation.

      On December 3, , at , Miller and MSF were hired to neutralize an infamous sniper duo who made their mark during the Laotian Civil War as part of a request from the KGB backers Miller had earlier been acquainted with.