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I also have this same app on my iPhone 6S Plus. Both apps are great. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description With over 20M downloads on mobile, Train Sim is the realistic train simulator suitable for both adults and kids who enjoy trains.

Aug 20, Version 4.

Information Seller Adam Berent. Size Category Games. Compatibility OS X Languages English. App Support Privacy Policy. I explain how with two disc games as well! Parallels is also really good. If you use these, try to load Windows XP, because it is easier to install the games, and there is less memory drain and lag.

Does anyone know how to get back into your game? I was able to get it all set up through Wineskin, but now I cannot get back in. Anyone familiar with this situation and how to fix it? I am having the same issue. Did anyone find a solution? Hi Katherine! I would love to play the old games again! I have a MAC now but remember playing all those games on my PC, and would love to get back them while waiting for the release of Midnight in Salem.

Or any other programs? Help please!

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I definitely still do need help! Ill have to give Bootcamp a try since you say its pretty easy I appreciate it!

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Join me for some nostalgia! Just email them, they were really good to me when I made the switch from PC to Mac and gave me the Mac downloads for all my purchased PC games free of charge. I thought it might just be that game, but I tried Danger by Design and had the same problem. Hello Breeanna, are you trying to use Wineskin or Bootcamp?

They know the software much better and may be able to help. If so, which Engine did you use? Thanks in advance! I am having the same problem. Please let us all know if you find a solution. I want to play this game so bad!!! Can someone help me? I made a wrapper for Last Train with 1. Has anyone else had this problem? With wineskin, are you now able to purchase one of the old pc games through digital download and use it on mac software? So going off of my own experience downloading the digital version of the games you need to try and save the set-up file you download to the desktop.

Rachels folders have a bunch of files but dont worry about that because you have to use wineskin for the installation wizard. Hope this helps! Keeps failing on my mac and wanted to save it as a text file and only goes to my downloads folder. Any help? Hello Alisa, would you please email us at techsupport herinteractive. Hi Pualei! If you are still having trouble, would you please email us at techsupport herinteractive. I have attempted wrapper 1.

When I open the game. Thoughts anyone? Mac always provides best games from the older times and interactivity makes it happen by Apple company. Once the download is complete I like to move it on to my desktop because it makes it easer to find later on 2. Open Wineskin and choose WS8Wine1. Once the wrapper is completed click view in finder I like to move the wrapper on to my desktop for accessibility as well and open the wrapper 3.

In the window that pops up, select the game download from the desktop file 5. This will begin the download and a blue InstallSheild Wizard window should pop up on your screen. When the installation is completed, click on the wrapper to open the game. For the games where I used a CD, I followed the youtube tutorial that was posted a while back in this thread. You are the BEST wow. I could seriously cry haha. Secret of the Old Clock had some slow cursor issues, but Treasure in a Royal Tower is working perfectly so far.

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Thanks again xx. You are the best! Have you ever encountered cursor lag with Resorting to Danger? Thank you all so much for your notes and help in using Wineskin. I just downloaded the Haunting at Castle Mallory and the instructions given above for digital download work like a charm. Only drawback is the sound is a bit low but I will use my headphones. Thanks again. I used this method for Danger by Design and it worked great! Can someone help? I really want to play it. Hello Chloe! Did anyone have success with StFD? Hi Chloe, I had the same problem, but not with this game.

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So I discovered if you leave out the back slash it will give you an error. I tried everything to get this to work for me. I watched youtube videos and even read the guides. Any help would be appreciated from here.

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Hi Paul! If the discs do not stay in your drive, you may want to contact Apple support about the drive. Are you using Virtual PC, or Wineskin? Check out their tech support for how to use these. If you are having trouble installing a Nancy Drew game, please contact us directly at techsupport herinteractive. Has anyone managed to find what wineskin version to use for Warnings at Waverly Academy?

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Thanks Lindsay! Has this happened to you also? Jess xx. I have had success with all my one disc games, but my two disc games Danger by Design and Creature of Kapu Cave seem to not be working through my Wineskin. I can get it all installed and everything, but when I select the game. Please please help if you know what to do!! Hi Alesix!

Anybody have suggestions for getting at least installed?

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I used two different wrappers WS8Wine1. Hey all! Can anyone help?