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Alternatively, you can do this easier and safer with CleanMyMac. Just click Privacy in the sidebar and then choose Firefox from the list. Change the time range to Everything, and you can clear all of the cookies, browsing history, downloads history, tabs, saved passwords, and even autofill values. If closing tabs and clearing the cache didn't work, it's a good idea to update Firefox and macOS to its latest versions.

2. Force Quit from Dock Panel

When Firefox is active, just click on Firefox in the menu and select About Firefox. The latest available update should start downloading automatically.

When it's ready, click Restart to Update Firefox and you are ready to go. Updating macOS is easy too.

Just launch the App Store on your Mac. Go to the Updates tab and wait till it shows you all the new software versions available.

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If you see new updates for macOS, click Update and follow the restart instructions. If the problem persists, check for high hardware resource usage. For basic information, you can use Mac's native Activity Monitor. However, to see the whole picture, get a pro-level app, such as iStat Menus. If you see Firefox using too much memory or CPU, you need to take some action. When Firefox stops responding to your clicks it's very likely that one of your installed plugins is the culprit. To check for that, click the Menu button, and then choose Add-ons.

In the Add-ons Manager's Plugins panel, you can select Never Activate for each plugin, then restart Firefox and see if the problem is still happening. If the problem is gone, turn the plugins back on one by one, just changing that Never Activate option back to Always Activate.

How to Force Quit an Application in OS X

Restart Firefox each time and then try to recreate the error. Once the problem reappears, you'll know it was likely caused by the last plugin you re-enabled. You can also remove a plugin with CleanMyMac 's Extensions tab, which is actually a lot easier than using Firefox.

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Mozilla then recommends you change the filename to add an X in front, which will remove the plugin. You can reinstall a fresh copy of the plugin from official sources only! To check your extensions in Firefox, go to about:add-ons , then click Extensions in the sidebar. You can disable extensions here, and then turn them back on one by one, in the same way you just checked your plugins. If you want to remove all your extensions and start fresh, you can click the Remove button or use the Extensions tab in CleanMyMac, which manages extensions, add-ons, and plugins from one place.

Preventing Flash content from loading automatically deserves a separate explanation. Some websites use way too much Flash content, and loading and playing all of that uses up your computer's resources, especially if you keep a lot of tabs open. Luckily, you can tell Firefox to stop loading Flash content by default, until you ask for it. But if you're still experiencing troubles, there is more you can do. Read on. Whether Firefox shows you an error message every time you try to launch the app or right when you're in the middle of a working session, there is only one way to fix that — reinstall the application.

The easiest way to reinstall Firefox is to quit it, delete the Firefox file from your Applications folder, and download the new version from the official Mozilla website. That will uninstall the application but keep all your user data intact, and when you reinstall a new copy, you bookmarks and passwords will still be there. But that's not the best way to do it, since Firefox leaves all kinds of data on your hard drive besides the main application file.

There are rare cases when the "Firefox quit unexpectedly" message could be caused by the Mac security update. This happens when your Mac's firewall used to recognize previous versions of Firefox but no longer trusts the new one. Follow official Mozilla documentation to fix this issue. So your Firefox is fast and doesn't randomly quit, but still doesn't seem to load websites. There are a few things that might cause this, so let's zero in on the problem by gradually excluding various perpetrators. Turn your modem off and on helps in nearly all cases.

As soon as you launch NetSpot , make sure it's set to Discover mode, and it will scan all nearby WiFi networks automatically.

Firefox will not close! Cmd+Q does nothing.

Look for any processes related to the application mentioned in the error message. Note: For example, if Adobe Bridge is mentioned in the error message, find Bridge. Select the application mentioned in the error message and click Force Quit. Error: "Close the following applications to continue" Search.

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Adobe Creative Cloud User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:. On this page Error message: Close applications to continue installation Solution: Terminate the application. Error message: Close applications to continue installation. When Mac apps misbehave, sometimes you need to force them to shut down.

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  4. This can happen when the app enters an infinite loop, crashes, hangs or otherwise ceases responding to user input. Find the app you want to force quit here, then click Force Quit at the bottom right corner. Force-quitting applications through the dock is the most familiar method for most users.

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    Activity monitor also has the power to close apps. It lets you get a better handle on apps that have silently failed in the background. Because Activity Monitor shows the status of all open applications, you can see at a glance if any apps need to be force quit. Replace [Application Name] with the name of the application you want to force quit.

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    For example, to find Chrome, we would type the following:.