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System Monitor is an application for the menu bar of macOS, designed to inform you unobtrusively about the activity of your computer. You can retrieve up-to-date technical data any time, like process load, CPU temperature, main memory consumption, storage space, disk activity, communication on network interfaces, etc. By positioning the app in the menu bar, as least screen real estate as possible will be wasted. The program monitors your system continuously and is readily available when you need it.

System Monitor: Description

You can easily configure the App to automatically stay in the menu bar of your user account. If desired, System Monitor can also simulate the flickering activity lights of hard drives or network sockets in the menu bar.

This is possible either in color or —perfectly integrated into the design of macOS— in inconspicuous black-and-white. PC switchers who miss this feature on Macintosh computers can easily retrofit this function with System Monitor. For specific items, the history of the last 30 seconds can be visualized by graphics updated live.

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System Monitor always tries not to interfere with the activity of your computer as far as possible, and also respects the energy saver settings for your hard drives. Overview What's new?

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    System Monitor

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