How to sync iphone calendar with mac desktop

I have the exact same issue with my husbands android syncing to our iCal on our Mac at home. Hope someone can help us out with this…. This is how i can use my google calender in my iphone. A sync would be having the same data in both calendars. This is not synching. Updating the calendar on my iPhone and having the update show up on my Google calendar is synching.

You can update the calendar on your iPhone and the update shows up on the Google calendar. And if you want more than one calendar, just make another Google calendar.

Can you sync Outlook for Mac calendar with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

I guess what this post is attempting to describe is a work-around for the fact that Apple prevent you from syncing with Google calendar. Thankfully Google try to play nicely with everyone. Syncing would be updating an iCal and having those changes appear on a Google calendar either on the same device or on another. Changes on one do not appear on the other.

How to sync your google calendar to your Apple Mac iCal calendar on your Apple devices

I wish they did. I have tired the google calendar settings to allow less secure apps, but still no dice on getting my gmail calendar to work on Ical. I was able to sync the two by adding the account through iCal preferences and syncing my Gmail account as indicated above. My google calendar events all show up in iCal now—but as posters said, not the other way around.

Now What? To the author of this article: Are you really that stupid? Every argument you use for using Apple calendar is also available in google calendar. The only difference is that with a google calendar you can do all of those things on EVERY device you want.

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You can share, view, edit ,… with everyone on every device. No way that I know of except to copy them across in Calendar app. Apple can see gmail calendar but not the other way round. It is not a matter of Apple not learning from that past experience with Microsoft: it is a matter of Apple making every deliberate choice to trap users in an exclusively Apple environnement. The only way to teach them is to go to that conclusion: if you have made a step out of the Apple environnement to free — as in freemind or freespeach — OS and soft for instance , then do the full walk toward an exclusively not Apple environnement … at least untill they act more friendly to others!!!

Now, not so much. I am trying to import to google calendar from iCal, unfortunately when I do this, nothing happens. Nothing has been imported. Quick and to the point and worked immediately.

How to Add, Share, and Sync Calendars on Mac and iPhone

From a new Mac user…thanks!! It is blank, essentially. I have sweated blood trying to get my ical stuff to show in Android……. I loathe the Apple calendar!! I love my Google calendar — so user friendly.

Find Google Calendar events on Apple calendars

Simply use One Calendar on your Android phone… and setup your icloud account in there… works like a charm. I tried all the other methods… but this is the best. Hi, Thanks for the article. Every even that I create on Google calender appears on my mac.

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  8. But no event created on my mac appears on google calendar. Do you have any idea why? The days when switching between the platforms was long and complicated are gone. Syncing Android phone with your Mac is as easy as an iPhone with Mac sync.

    So what is SyncMate?

    Moreover, syncing the most vital data like events in your calendar and contacts can be done in the background through SyncMate for FREE! SyncMate is the right tool for you to sync calendar entries and manage the important dates easily throughout all your devices. SyncMate is a universal tool that allows syncing data on your Mac with Android devices - phones or tablets.

    Free version will sync your contacts and calendars between Mac and Android devices. Expert paid version allows syncing images, videos, music, folders, reminders, bookmarks and much more between Mac and Android. More information about Android and Mac sync can be found here. Syncing will happen in the background, so nothing will distract you from work. SyncMate requires OS X